Possible to flash Optiarc AD-5290S to AD-5290S-ROBOT?


It is possible to flash Optiarc AD-5290S to AD-5290S-ROBOT please? If so where can I obtain the ROBOT f/w and what tool should I use to flash please?

Thank you

I don’t see firmware for the ROBOT variety of this drive in the download listings at Vinpower Digital, which means the manufacturer has not released a flasher. Frankly their tech support contact is probably your best bet (tech@vinpowerdigital.com)

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Thank you.

I see they have Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-Robot firmware available, however I assume their own flasher will only allow users to flash like for like? If so is there a third party flasher I could use to flash/upgrade standard Optiarc AD-5280S-CB to the Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-Robot please?

EDIT: I found BinFlash. Is this still the preferred flasher to use? Also where can I find Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-Robot firmware please, one that I can use with BinFlash as the download from Vinpower is wrapped up in their exe.

Unfortunately when Vinpower acquired the rights to former ODD brands they issued firmware upgrades which used their own proprietary flasher and yes, I’d expect them to only work on the target hardware.
Have no idea whether there are workarounds via hacks or using alternate flashers, do at your own risk.

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