Possible to flash on a Mac?

My friend, who uses macs (I joke about it all the time) has bought a Lite-On 52246S for himself based on my reccomendations and posts from Mac forums that reported it works with the latest OS X update. He’s never even played inside his computer before so me and a friend are going over to show him how to install it.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to flash updated firmware on a Mac. He does have virtual PC, but suspect the reliability under emulation may not be all that good. Has anyone ever updated firmware on a Mac using the Lite-On flasher or WinMtkFlash? Will it work?

Since Lite-On doesn’t have firmware upgrades for their CD-RWs, I have doubts as to whether Macs bypass the bios when they read or write data. You indicated this was an internal connection. If you want the latest firmware, I certainly wouldn’t try Virtual PC! Hardware routing is far removed from software emulation.

To be sure, why not connect the drive to your system, upgrade the firmware, then install it on his system? Barring that, you just have to slap it in and see what happens.

My philosophy, though, is that friends don’t let friends use Macs.


Well I was thinking he would benefit from the updated media database and ability to rip protected audio, but it is very cramped inside his Mac and I don’t fancy taking it out again. Apple also mislabelled his DVD, so the first time we put it in there none of the opticle drives worked. On apple’s DVD, Cable select = master. So wierd…still trying to get him to buy a PC, but he’s pretty involved in graphics and the like and already has the programs for Mac so…

In fact… I had a LTR-24102B in a server Linux machine. Although cdrecord and cdrdao do their work very well, extended capabilities like those present in ClonecD isn’t present neither cdrecord nor cdrdao. I used the burner via VMware 3.1’s SCSI-generic access, that passthru all SCSI MMC commands to the burner. Windows 2000 as a guest OS in VMware saw the burner like a LTR-24102B but in a SCSI bus… :bigsmile: The only thing I couldn’t do was… guess what??? :eek: flash a new firmware… I had to extract the burner, put in a WIndows machine and… do the flash :frowning:

Sorry my friend…