Possible to decrease read speed on iHES208?


I have Lite-On iHES208 BD combo drive that I use for playing Blu-ray movies on my HTPC. On DL BD50 discs it is quiet so no issues there, the problem however is with SL BD25 discs, where it insists on spinning them at deafening speeds, so it becomes more or less impossible to watch movies on BD25s.

Through read speed tests I discovered that trying to read discs at anything above 4X speed causes it to spin up loudly. So my question is now, is it possible to mod the firmware to limit the BD25 read speed to 4X the same way BD50s are limited in the stock firmware?

I looked around here on the forums for firmwares and tools and tried loading a firmware in MediaCodeSpeedEdit, but it only had options for DVD media.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Welcome to the forum. :flower:

I’m not aware of any way to do this with Blu-Ray. Even with MCSE, it’s purpose is to increase reading speed not decrease it.