Possible to crossflash a NU-DDW082 to a BenQ?

I was wondering whether anyone has done this or has any suggestions as to how to go about this. I have a DDW-082 and it’s firmware has been bad for the while - seems like NU has got an unhappy customer. I had had a BenQ before and it’s Laser Diode failed … just wondering whether I can make the NU a BenQ as they are both Philips Chipsets and get the same performance.

I don’t think you can.

Nu-tech probably thought it was cheaper to use BenQ drives instead of making drives themselves. But not until DDW-163.

Is that really what happened? I noticed that places that used to carry NU dont anymore…just curious.

BenQ and Philips recently expanded DVD writer production capacity multiple times in order to catch up fast. Nu-tech used Quanta lines before but why not use the same line BenQ uses in China when BenQ is working closely with Philips? At least, Nu-tech seemed to give up their own 16x writer and instead buy OEM BenQ drives.

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thanks for the info, Kenshin :slight_smile:
I was wondering where they went