Possible to create a bootable Dual Layer DVD?



Hi guys, i am a newbie here but not really a noob to burning media, my problem is that i cant figure out how to burn a bootable Dual Layer DVD. I have a ghost IMA file that i am using with Nero 7 and it works with a CD and a regular DVD (either a DVD-R or DVD+R) yet i can not get the boot to work on Memorex DL DVD+R. I have burned a couple coasters and dont want to waste anymore, what am i doing wrong? I do have a DL drive and nero does not error out during the burn process. I can burn pure data to the DL DVD+R media and it is readable, i just cant create a bootable DL DVD+R media… any suggestions?

update: once the computer reboots, it says “booting from CD/DVD” (this is a custom boot image) and then it gives a message about invalid I/O and then to press a key. I tried on 4 machines, 2 of them had a DL drive and 2 of them only had a DVD-rom drive and they all had the same error message. I tried to burn 2 boot DL DVD’s, but both resulted in the same message upon reboot.


Does your burner allow you to change the DVD-DL booktype?
Bitsetting may turn it to be seen as a DVD-Rom and boot the machine.


You should try with a Verbatim DVD+R DL media bitset to DVD-ROM.


I changed the booktype and i am still getting the same error when I try and boot with the DL-DVD

could this really be an issue with the type of media I am using? My drive is a HP DVD 640c with memorex DVD+R DL media


memorex medias are mostly crap ,anyway i’d say its more likely an issue with your nero (do you have latest,also maybe you just didnt set the boot setting in it right…) or a firmware issue or booting from DL medias is unsupported in quite alot of motherboards, anyway unless your doing a very big multiboot dvd that actually requires all the space , i see no real reason to keep on tryin


so i tried on another machine that has the same drive and the same media and i dont burn coasters, but the nero process hangs when it gets to “creating DVD compatiblity borders” or something like that. I had to shut down windows because nero and the DVD drive did not want to cancel and when it rebooted it did boot up from the DL DVD media - i just need to figure out what is wrong with nero - so i guess it is possible to create a bootable DL DVD


Never heard about having bootable DVD on DL media, are sure that is possible?.


I cannot see the sense behind it. Using 2 DVD5s is quick and easy.


I’ve seen refs to it related to games and one of the steps was changing the booktype to show it as a DVD-Rom, but no personal experience on it.
But as chef says, it easier and cheaper to get two regular DVDs in a double box.


Yes making a Booktype is different than making bootable disc on DL media. He is asking how to make bootable disc from DL disc.