Possible to compress normal audio files?

Is it possible to compress a commercial audio (music) cd to fit a normal 700 MB cd to make a back-up that is playable on a normal cd player? The original is 777MB.

Do your burner allow overburning? You can burn a 800 MB disc without any compression.

If I’m not wrong, all liteon allow to burn 800 MB discs

I don´t think the Pioneer DVR-K14 on my laptop can overburn (I checked the overburn in Nero but it didn´t work), but maybe it´s possible with the LG 4167B - it´s busy at the moment so I´ll check it later.
If I tried compressing with something “lossless” and then back again with Nero - maybe it would fit then?

The problem is that if you compress files, a standalone will be not able to play disc, but only computer can do.

If this is not a problem, then there is a lossless codec here (free)

If the goal is to have an audio CD that you can play in a normal audio player and preserve the size (in MB), the only thing you can do without overburning is to pull the .WAV files into a sound editor and speed them up slightly. Depending on the type of music, this speeding up may or may not be noticeable.

Then again, you could just eliminate one of the tracks, no? :slight_smile:

Sure, a sane person might do that :rolleyes: , but I´ve sweated blood to get this CD, and the first disc I bought refuses to play properly after only a few weeks, but I got lucky and found another new one…which I also paid good money for, so I´ll be damned if I´m gonna let this one get away…I WANT MY BACK-UP!!!

777MB of CD quality WAV/CD-image would actually be less than an 80 minute/700MB CD - the quoted capacity is DATA at 2048 bytes per sector - CD-audio lacks the extra correction, so 2352 bytes fit into each sector. Think TIME, not filesize in audio.

This cannot work because CDDA is specific specified as 16-bit 44.100 Hz stereo and if you change that it cannot be played by normal cd players anymore.

Ok Chef…seems to be correct. I´ve tried to do this with my laptop…can´t copy to greater than a normal 700MB: “not enough space”, while my old desktop, with the LG 4167B does the job to a Phillips 800MB disc without complaining.

BUT, I´m still stuck…the last 2 tracks don´t copy smoothly. I´ve checked the new MP3 rip and the normal copy - jerky as ever! The original disc still plays smoothly - but really can´t find the way to make a good copy of the complete disc. Seemlich bescheuert oder?
Using Nero, it copied and burned within 9 minutes…too fast reading? Something in the set up? Is this a case for EAC?

I always use EAC for anything that I want to archive for posterity, and always rip in secure mode (yes, easy for me to say, I have a separate PC for ripping/burning).

Wie “geoff2k”, EAC… immer!

Deanimator, how long in minutes is the recording you’re trying to burn?

76 minutes, 59 seconds

Fine… then it fits “as is” in a normal [B]80min[/B] CD-R. :iagree:
You should be able to back it up in the usual way.


Yup…800 worked with Nero, but with the screwed last track!
Left it running in EAC (never really used this before), but basic settings only:
copy, uncompressed wav
Checked it this morning - fine, EXCEPT for the last track! It gave me a message that there were 3 glitches there…do I want to remove them?

Not sure if even EAC can do it…I´ll send Cindy to anyone who can solve this!

Maybe is burner related. Can you exchange Cindy with a Plextor premium? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I have a Plextor on my old desktop…never used it…just a second, I´ll have a look…
YES, it´s a PLEXTOR CD-ROM PX-40TS…I´ll try reading the disc from that (tomorrow)

PS…I´m keeping Cindy until I´m sure I´ve solved the problem! :flower:

That’s a great drive!