Possible to burn WinXP, OfficeXP, Frontpage to DVD?

Hi, just wondering if it is possible to copy my WinXP CD, Office XP CD’s, and FrontPage CD all to one DVDRW to carry with me. I don’t really like the idea carrying all those original CD’s with me to get scratched/melted/etc and would prefer to just lug around one disc in case I need it for something. I didn’t know if there were any special things I’d need to do to make this process work or if it’s even possible.


What you could always try is make images of those originals, store the images onto DVD and then when you want to use them, mount the image with software that is, of course, also stored on that DVD…

Sure you can do this, but you won’t get the autorun menu’s like you are used to.

By default, the DVD will not be bootable either (installation of Windows XP).

If you’re a little creative, take the boot session of the XP disc (with IsoBuster or so) and make an autoplay menu, with Autoplay Menu studio (www.download.com)…