Possible to burn w/o disc?

Recently I let a friend borrow some DVD’s, and he happens to live just out of reach… as in I don’t feel like driving for 2 hours. Before I let him take the DVD’s I copied them using DVDshrink… Unfortunately dvdshrink didn’t take away copy protection on these discs and now I can’t burn backups until I get the originals back. Unless… is it possible to use the files I do have or do I need the disc to backup again using a different program. Just to besure I’m not confusing anyone. I wish to use the copied dvdshrink files and put them in a different program and then have them be usable if possible.

The only copy protections that DVDShrink can remove are the original CSS protection and Macrovision, both of which virtually all commercial dvds come with. If you were able to successfully copy the dvds using only DVDShrink, then the copies you put onto your hard drive and presumably onto disks should have NO copy protection left on them unless you changed the default option to remove Macrovision for some unknown reason.

And even if your copies still have protection, you could use any normal decrypting program like Shrink or DVDDecrypter or DVD Fab HD Decrypter to break the CSS protection again.

The files should be usable if they were put onto your hard drive successfully. You should be able to play them with any number of media players, like PowerDVD or VLC or Media Player Classic. Once the encryption is broken, they are just regular dvd-video files, like you might get from home-made movies.

If you already have the movie on your HDD, just open up DVDshrink and do it all over again. You will have to create a different target image file because shrink will re-transcode the movie again it will need a place to put the files before burning.

Like Kerry56 said if you just want to watch the movie, open it up with VLC or another player.

Thanks for the feedback!

I had a multitude of other problems, which were all resolved by updating firmware and getting rid of a bad batch of discs, as well as tweaking a few settings, I should not be expecting many more issues with these backups.