Possible to burn under 2x?

btw this forum has helped me lots thanks a lot for the help all of you, i usually found my answer to my question without the need to post it… now i cant find the answer to my next question so here i am.

i am taking my camcorder getting it on my computer and making dvds ( im sure a lot of u do too )… my dvd player is pretty old and isnt the best but when i burn my movies it works great but there are parts where its a bit skippy.

if no one can help me no big deal but i think burning at 1x would make the difference.

is there a way to maybe get some older firmware that allows my NEC 3500A to burn under 2x? i know its not the media b/c iv used the same media on older burners at work and it burns @ 1x.


no, and if you could i doute that would give better burns as mine and other peoples 3500 seem to burn better at 6X or 8X than at slower speeds.
it could just be poor media your using,as you have a picky dvd player you could try using +R`s bitset to dvd-rom?

I really would only suggest that you simply buy media that others on this forum have found to burn with very low PIEs and PIFs on a regular and reliable basis. If you burn a disc 8, 12, or 16x that yields near perfect quality and transfer scans, then I am not sure what benefit burning slower might achieve (other that wasting minutes of your life). I have found that certain DVD players that would not play burned disc with previous poor quality media (princo - optodisc) - from a less than desirable burners (DD0203 - BTC 1004) suddenly had no problem playing discs from reputable manufacturers (MCC, Moser Baer - etc) and burned with a good drive (Benq or NEC)…I would experiment with different media before resorting to 1x burns - 1 hour per burn is just too long.