Possible to burn Mode 7 On Home DVD Writer

Hi, I was wondering if its possible to burn files onto a dvd at Mode 7, i know this is the mode that most mastering equipment is set as, but I have been told that is possible with even home dvd writers, my DVD Writer is a Sony DVD RW DW-U50A, i am not sure what to do, but I am willing to buy another writer if its possible. Also just an addition I want to burn to a DDP fileset, dont know if these two things are the same.

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Sorry, I’m not familiar with Mode 7. Can you give more details? What spec is it defined in?

Just curious, where did you get a DDP file set? Do you know what sector size is in the main image file? If it is 2048 (no CSS to be applied) then you probably can mount it as an ISO. If it is in 2054, I’m not sure you can do anything with it in that form.

Well thing is this article told me that i could burn onto a dvd with DDP, which is mastering the disc or premastering, dont know. I want to master a DVD at 2064 Bytes, but i dont have an ddp image, i want to know if i could read one? How I could make on through an already made DVD disc.
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Note: Mode 7 or SSM 7 something like that, it says that this is a mastering disc mode, but can be attainable on a normal dvd writer with hacked firmware or something.

EDIT: Also there is no CSS or Macrovision on it. I think

I’ve never heard of a DVD burner that can write more than 2048 bytes per sector. The drive automatically handles the other 16 bytes (ID and IEC 6 bytes, CPR_MAI 6 bytes and EDC 4 bytes). If any drive can do what you say, then it could make a true 1:1 copy of even CSS protected discs. This would mean that the DVD+/- R disc created would have CSS copy protection. This would not be possible on DVD-R general grade media since it has a pre-recorded control data zone (PFI) in the leadin. This is where the CSS keys are stored on pressed CSS protected DVD discs. It is not possible to write this area with normal DVD burners. What article are you referring to?

I am just gonna post part of the article here…

DVD is much simpler than CD, it works exactly the same way, its just data was
put in the CPR-MAI,EDC. This can also be read out, but only mastered not
So can it be burned?
No it cant be burned, mastering equipment has a special mode 7 SSM 7 which
lets you output full data ignoring all errors. For DVD you can also master
2064 bytes complete using a special mode. The mastering documents can be
obtain from www.dcainc.com there called DDP documents. There are confidential
but if you are a company you can obtain them by faxing your company info and
signing a NDA. The DDP format is very similar to ISO but has many modes a cd
cant burn. No special encoders or equipment is required to press a direct
boot disc due to new modes in the DDP :wink:

As far as I know, there are NO burners (hacked or not) that can burn the extra 16 bytes, not to mention the special CSS info in the leadin of a DVD disc. Once a drive can do this, we can make copy protected DVD discs from our homes.

For CD, there are burners and software that can write in 2352 bytes per sector (some even allow you to write the 96 bytes of sub code at the same time). This allows for 1:1 copies (most of the time). Some protections introduce DSV problems (weak sectors) that cause problems. DVD burners and software, on the otherhand, do not allow burning complete sectors of 2064. It would be interesting if a hacked firmware can allow this. :slight_smile:

Ok then this is a wrong article, also just another question, is it physically imposible for the dvd to write this or is it impossible for the firmware to write 2064 Bytes?
And is it possible for the computer to be able to read the 2064 bytes, or does it require special hardware.

First, I just spent some time at the web site you mentioned. I could not find anything about mode 7 or SSM 7. Can you please provide a direct link? Maybe there is some new info that I am not aware of.

It is not ‘physically’ impossible for a DVD burner to write anything. It all comes down to if the firmware will allow it or not. With the right commands, you are able to read the 6 bytes of CPR_MAI data from a pressed DVD. I assume you can get the EDC as well but I’m not sure about the ID, IEC. Perhaps Truman, Spath or someone else can answer that question.

That website would not help, unless u are able to acquire the documents, but I will send u the article, the website where i got it from wont tell u much either, but the article would, the first three pages are about cd encryption then fourth is about dvd, this is all about ps2 booting, actually i found this article from another topic.

Thanx For Your Help, also, just wondering, how would i got about changing firmware?

So, are you saying that you have the DDP document and this is what you were quoting? What do you mean you will send me the article (email, post here, etc…)? Are you going to send me the DDP documents? How did PS2 booting get into this conversation? I am starting to get quite confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I could get them. MY Close cousin in India has a factory, he makes dvds and cds, but he also makes audio cds, so i have a feeling he already has these docuements, but I will ask him.

Also this DDP is about PS2 Booting, thats kinda why I asked it,

This is where i got the info from, I am more concerned about the last page.

Ok, just read the PDF article. Some interesting ifo…

It is true that mastering encoders can be given data in 2064 mode for DVD. This is normally only true if the DVD is not going to have CSS applied during mastering. But, it is also possible for the DDP image to already have CSS encryption applied to it. In this case data is sent in 2064 and the mastering encoder has not much to do except pass the data through as is (converting it to pits and lands of course).

I would think that someone could maybe hack a DVD burner firmware so that it would allow for 2064 burning. Not sure why this has not been done yet. Maybe it’s just not possible.

Anyway, what kinda dvd burners do u suggest for hacked firmware that would work well with burning at 2064 bytes, but also reading that, that dcainc.com website had programs that are able to load DDP/CSS encryption. I kinda would like to be the first to try it. Also you know how you said that DVD-R, are general grade, meaning they would already have the CSS burned, would it be illegal to distribuite DVD-/+R that do not contain this encryption?

I have no knowledge of drives that have hackable firmware. I guess any drive could be hacked. It just depends on if someone does it or not.

Blank DVD-R media comes in at least 2 forms, Authoring grade and General grade. the Authoring grade is very expensive and not normally sold in stores. It is for professional use. The General grade media is what you would find in a store. From the factory, they already have the special part of leadin burned to them. This is where CSS keys are stored on pressed DVDs. So, it is not possible for a DVD burner to write the CSS keys to this area that is already burned. This means that no DVD-R General grade disc can have CSS encryption right now.

I think the programs listed at DCA website are professional mastering programs and probably cost thousands of dollars each. Good luck being the first to try them :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever heard about an AUTHORIUNG DVD BURNER like the Pioneer DVR-S201 and DVR-S101?


Yep. Got one at my disposal (the 201 I believe) :slight_smile:

Well that was a waste of a week, wonder how I am gonna spend next week, damn they got this under conrtol pretty tight.

Even if firmware is hacked, it may still not be possible to do such thing. It most likely lies with the fact that the drive’s chipset (mediatek, sanyo, etc) only has callable functions with 2048 byte parameters for the write command, and all other parts are written by the chipset internally & automatically, i.e. not controlled by firmware.

The best people who may have a better knowledge r the following cdfreaks members (I believe they firmware patchers):

So…we need a chipset hack then? :slight_smile: Is that even possible?

But then there is a problem with the DVDs Rite, but maybe I can get some dvds where the actualy css/ddp keys are not written already, and cheap to.