Possible to burn an error-free CD on a NEC 3520?

I know this group is usually more concerned with DVDs, but I’ve found my 3520 to be an excellent audio CD burner. So much so that I long ago gave up ever scanning CDs for errors. I did scan a couple today I burned using my Pioneer 111D because I hadn’t used that burner for CDs before. There were extreme C2 errors, so I reburned the tracks with my 3520. And then I scanned the result…

Is it possible to burn a completely error-free audio CD or is the 3520 a really poor CD scanner? Since I couldn’t believe the NEC results, I scanned the same CD in my ASUS DVD-ROM that usually does a good job scanning CDs. It showed some C1 errors, but no C2s.

Should I believe the NEC, the ASUS or neither? The burn was at 8x on a 52x Imation CD (Moser Baer). Scans on both drives were at 8x.

The NEC drives are quite good for CD-R error scanning. If you have C2 errors you should bin the disc and make a fresh copy.
However, i notice you scan at 8x. CD-R should be scanned at maximum speed.

It’s “possible” to burn a CD without C1 errors, just like it’s “possible” to flip a coin 1000 times and get heads up every time.

In other words, if it happens then it’s almost certain that there’s something wrong with the scanning method, because having zero C1 errors is ridiculously unlikely.

I don’t have a NEC 3520, but I simply don’t believe the NEC scan is telling the truth! :disagree:

Try scanning the CD at 32x in your NEC drive which in my opinion is better than scanning at maximum speed (which differs from drive to drive and also between CD formats). Also try another version of CDSpeed if you have one.

I have no experience with the Asus drive as a scanner.

Oh-oh! I found the problem. The 3520 presents an entirely different picture if the tray is opened and then reclosed before scanning. The “perfect” scan was made without the tray being opened between burning and scanning. Is that a normal idiosyncrasy?

Thanks Dee and DrageMester. I thought that first reading was too good to be true.

From what I have been learning it seems like a good idea to open and close the drive tray between doing anything.