Possible to backup ps2, xbox..etc

hello all. i’m new to this NG so sorry if this is a dumb question. Is it possible to make archival copies of playstation 2 and or xbox games with software such as BlindWrite, Alcohol 120%, CloneCD, and NOT have a mod chip installed in the console? i just thought this might be possible since these software’s claim to make exact (or very close to) duplications. thanks for the time.

not possible. sorry.

i didn’t think so, but it was a nice thought that i had. :slight_smile: do you know why it’s not possible without getting too technical? thanks again.

if you install a mod then it will be very easy to copy, contact me if you wish to purchase one.

I think this is iligal :cop:

i wasn’t trying to find a person that i could get a mod from - i don’t want to mod my ps2. i wanted to know simply if i could make a legal archival copy of my ps2/xbox software that i own, without modding. i already got my answer. thank you.

For your answer check this site http://www.psxcopyworld.co.uk/Question_and_answers.htm

wow, thanks R!co. so apparently you CAN do what i asked without a mod chip.