Possible to Back-up Dreamcast games?


Is it possible to back-up Dreamcast games? This question may have been answered but I have not been here in awhile. Thanks

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No one has been able to READ a DC game yet, much less make a backup.

There’s a lot of false rumors going around, and many people (including those who run this site) have fallen for them, unfortunately…

Don’t beleve everything you read…

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carter: which reports are wrong in your opinion on cdfreaks site (probably on http://www.cdfreaks.com/console ) ?


Yes, it’s on the Console Freaks section…

The writeup they have posted about the GD-ROM is a farse. It’s not written by anyone who knows anything about the CD… saying that only 1/4 of the disc is used for data, and the rest for audio is crap. You don’t split a disc up like that… audio and data can exist side by side - there’s no need to separate them.

I don’t know where they get their stats about a 1 failure ratio, either… that’d be unacceptable for the industry. NO one would make technology that crappy for mass production needs.

The squib about the “TOC being readable…” isn’t exactly true, either. The GD-ROM has a special section that’s written just so regular CD-R/OM drives will read it… but the data isn’t kept as a “mystery”… it’s physically located in another place, and the TOC that the CD-R/OM drive reads isn’t what the DC uses to play the game

There’s many other things I didn’t care for about that post, and people are going around talking like it’s coming from Sega or something… that’s just not the case.

And oh, I got an e-mail forwarded to me from someone else at Yamaha… a statement from their people saying they WILL NOT be releasing a drive that can read or write the GD-ROM format… don’t take that for gospel, but it’s probably true.

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I have played with my dreamcast cd. When you put it in a regular cd player it shows 2 tracks (at least the two I tried) the first one is audioless. But the second says “This disk is only for use with the sega Dreamcast” or something like that. When u put it in a cd-rom drive it reads that same section (I believe). Some dreamcast cds are bigger than others like Ready 2 Rumble is 20 megs because it has screen shots on it. I tried covering up the first section hoping it might read the bigger high density section with my DVD-ROM. No luck there just acted like there was no cd at all. It has been out in Japan for some time and they have not been able to crack it yet, but I did see a picture of a dreamcast with a zip drive hooked up to it at dreamcast.ign.com might open up some possiblities.