Possible to add subtitles?

Nero recode does not offer the option to add subtitles when remaking a dvd movie.
Is there an “easy” way to do this ?
Thx :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean here.

If the original movie had subtitles, they will still be there after re-authoring, unless you deliberately choose to remove them of course.

If, however, you’re talking about adding subtitles to a movie that never had them in the first place, then you’ll need an upmarket editor and a whole lot of time on your hands.

My reply assumes you are referring to a finished DVD in your query and not some Nero Digital DivX backyard special.:wink:


Thanx Pete for your reply.
Yes I am referring to a finished DVD. So proabably the only way is to demux it, add the subs and then re-author it right?

[edit: ] What about when creating a new movie from a Xvid file? Is there an easy way to add subtitles? I’ve seen tuts with DVD2SVCD and Maestro. Are those the only ways? Thx

If you have an xvid movie and a subtitle file you can imprint the subs on the movie using Virtualdub. You will need some other software tools such as Subtitler and Vobsub. These are freely available for download. With these tools you can insert SSA, SUB or IDX subs. You can also download SRTtoSSA which will enable you to add SRT subs by converting them to SSA format.

Go to the menu Video>filters and tag the “add” button. This will display a list of pre-loaded filters and a “load” option. Hit load and go to where you have Subtitler or Vobsub stored and you will find a VDF file. Load this and then open it. Browse to your subs file and load it. Encode your movie and enjoy it with the subs.

I dint find .vdf file in VobSub folder

ok sorted.