Possible to ad more encoder profiles?


My question is if its possible to ad more profiles for encoder settings like xvid or h264.

I see in mediainfo box that DVDfab use for xvid Simple profiles would be nice when the user could change that to ASP profiles.

Or the h264/x264 uses only Baseline Profiles, Main or High Profile for encoding would encrease Quality ( use of CABAC, more b-frames) in benefit of longer encoding time.

Is this something we could see in future versions?

Great Programm simple to usw, nice Gui Interface but please let the user set more options for configure the encoders.

Any thougts about this?

X264 fast profile,
x264 main profile
x264 quality profile, more ref frames. b-frames, cabac encoding 8x8dct and so on…

all the settings in the programm use fast or fastest settings in mpeg4 encoding, that gives good speed but ended up with medium quality.

See the table here:

DvdFab mobile uses Baseline Profile and so many features of the modern x264 encoding is untouched…