Possible source for 3500's (micro center)

For those of you that have a micro center near you they have the mad dog 16x burner for 54.99 after 20$ rebate. I was in the one in Dallas, TX yesterday and they had a whole stack that were md-16xdvd9’s and those are 3500’s. If it is the md-16xdvd9a2 its a 3520. I wonder if they are trying to clear out old stock and still have some 3500s in stock. I might be worth checking if you live near a micro center. Unfortunatlly it wouldn’t work online as you don’t know which they will send you.

The CompUSAs and Office Maxs out here in San Francisco still carry large quantities of md-16xdvd9s, I’ve rarely seen stocked md-16xdvd9a2. They’re still relatively expensive, so I guess that’s why they haven’t flew off the shelves.

Yea I know what you mean!!! When I saw the big old stack of drives, I of course checked to see if they were a2’s or not. They wern’t but the price on the package (microcenter puts a price sticker on the package like fry’s does) was 119.99!!! For that much I’ll just get a benq1620 for 45$ from newegg. It wasn’t till the next day that I realized it was in the add for 75$ with a 20$ rebate. I recentlly had a power supply falure (10$ after rebate 450 watt power supply from fry’s so my fault). Pulled the power supply from my main computer to test, put it back (withough the cpu fan hooked up right), and killed that one too. If I were not looking at a few hundred dollars of repairs (and sneek in 50-100$ in upgrades past my wife if possible), I would get one. My 3500 has performed so sweet, and I do mean megga sweet, I wouldn’t mind a spare one, even if it only serves as a reader for now.
Thier are still 3500’s avalable for 80$+ shipping online and lots of shops like compusa and micro center that have the maddogs for 100$ plus. It’s not really worth it after shipping and if applicable, tax. I only only posted because it was 55$ (a decent price for a 3500 considering avalability) after a 20$ rebate.
Compusa might be a good place to watch too. They had them on sale for 80$ after rebate (not that great of a price), but if they run a better deal, they probably have plenty of stock md 3500’s. Problem is, compusa doesn’t think like that. It wouldn’t suprise me if 1-2 years from now, they have md 3500’s sitting on the shelf in thier tech shop for 120$ or so!!! I just wish compusa still ran antec’s cheap after rebate like they used to. Now it is all just mad dog (which might be good for those looking for a 3500).

In your opinion, would you go for BenQ 1620 or NEC 3500? Please let me know and the reasons why?
thank you


Go for the 3500 - proven bulletproof over thousands of CD Freak users - 1620 known to have QC problems - roll of the dice as to whether you get a good one or a lemon (I drew a lemon from Newegg)-


Mike,did you send it back for another one?

Which is better, the 3500 or the 3520?

I’m seeing the 3520 for $79.50 now…

The 3500 is the best of them. The benq performs well but has had some quality control issues like mike said (they die early or are doa if I understand right). The 3520 has has some issues too. If you can find a 3500 for a resonable price, defanatlly get one. they work exelent and have the best media support out thier.

I know of a place near me that has two 3500s (beige skin). They’re asking $85 for each…what a rip!

I’ve had the 3520 for a few weeks now and it’s as good as the 3500. No worry. I kept original fw 1.04 and it performs very well (a bit better) in Kprobe than the 3500 fw 2.19. Both drives are brilliant… 3520 is a safe buy imo. I wanted two NECs for a while and a LiteOn for scanning and i’m pleased with all so far :slight_smile:

(I cannot speak for alt fw and ultracheap media compatibility though)

Newegg has the black 3520a today for 48.99 with free ship!

I’ve heard some of the MOST respected members here saying that the performance of the 3520 is a disappointment when compaired to their 3500s, and I put a LOT of stock in that. Especialy when you consider, some of them are the very same people who are modding the firmwares for the rest of us. If ANYONE could make the 3520s perform as well or better than the 3500, THEY could. Guess what though, they haven’t been able to, and have said as much.


Lets put the unreliability of the BenQ drive aside, which burner gives the better burn quality? BenQ 1620 or the NEC ND-3500? Just strictly the comparasion of PI/PIF between the two, what would you pick? Please let me know
thank you

i have a 2 1620’s and only burn +r’s. i check alot of the forums here and it seems that the benq consistently comes up with better quality burns on the +r media. imho.

I have a 1620 and have been loving it for 5 months now. Not one hiccup. I’ve flashed forwards and backwards between various firmwares without issue. I burn primarily -TY media (along with some +Verb and +TY). As far as I’m concerned, the 1620 does just fine with - media. Of course, you’re mileage may vary. :wink:

Most people think the 3520 is good but the 3500 is better. I have a 3500 and love it but won’t hesitate to buy the 3520 if it craps out, especially now that you can do PIE/PIF scans (I don’t believe that NEC will ever upgrade the firmare for the 3500). By the way, Newegg.com regularly has the 3520 for under $50.

I have both the NEC 3500 and the BenQ 1620. I would dump the BenQ in a second as I have found almost nothing it does better than the NEC except some old stock R03 (the new stuff was worse). To be fair, it does a very good job with TYG02 and MCC 003 and even when the burns are just OK, the total PIF is very low. If I had just purchased the BenQ after my Pioneer 107 and Liteon 812S I would think it was golden. But the NEC spoiled me.

I’ll have a 3520 on Tuesday and will be burning to test all of my media. Watch my sig. to see how the scans look.

I used to own a Nec 3500 (someone offered me too much money, so I sold it), and I presently own a Nec 3520, two Benq 1620’s, a Nec 2500, an LG4163, and a Liteon 1213@1653. I would take a Benq 1620 over a Nec 3500 or 3520 but not over a Nec 2500. I will never give up my Nec 2500 until cheap 4x media disappears off the face of the earth.

I also have NEC 3500, BenQ 1620 PRO, NEC 2500, Pioneer 106d, Optorite DD0203.
The NEC 3500 is the most reliable one, BenQ 1620 burns the +R media better than the rest (better PI/PIF), however occasionally makes coasters ( you need to cross your fingers sometimes). NEC 2500 is also a good burner, but not so good reader. Pioneer 106d is good with -R media and a very good DVD player. Optorite does well with certain +R media only ( forget the -R with this burner). I would have gone for Benq 1620, but too bad I am having hard time trusting it. Over all I go with NEC 3500 with modified firmware for reliability and durability. BTW, I always use good media.

the only major complaint that I have seen on the benq was reliability. If they work they seem to work pretty well (and do beter with + of course).