Possible sony ty at biglots



I work at big lots and we got some media in today that I think are ty. I have so much media and do not burn as much as I used to that I have tried to quit buying media till I burn through some and am not up on identifying ty.
Anyway my store only got two cases (that I saw anyway) with 4 50 packs per case. They are sony 8x+r accucore and are made in japan for 16$ per 50. Are the mij accucore ty also? They also got several cases of 8x+r 25 packs that were made in tiawan for 7.99 (at least all the 25 packs I checked were made in tiawan.
IF you are not farmiliar with big lots, they are a clearance/closeout store so it could be that these will only get sent to a few stores or they could get sent out nation wide, depending on how many they have. Also, it could be something that we get a few of once or it could be something that we keep getting on and off for a while. There really isn’t any knowing. It might be worth a phone call if there is a big lots near you. Fyi these just got shipped to us (and are still sitting in the warehouse), plus diffrent stores have diffrent delivery scedules. If they dont have any now, you migh try back in a few days or a week (like I said, its just a phone call).
Hope some of you can score some ty.
MAybe if you are lucky and live in an area with several stores, and they have em, you can hit a few stores and stock up.


The Sony TY T02 have had octagonal spacers on top lately. I bought two last night at Staples. You can make out TG00 . . . on the serial/lot number on top on the center ring around the edge of the spacer. I did not buy any of the ones with the round spacer because someone here said they were made by Sony in Japan.

Good info. Let us know about the spacers and SNs.


thanks for the heads up! unfortunately there was a big lots right across the street from my work, but it closed down.

i made out like a bandit at best buy yesterday anyway…


Yes on the octagonal spacer. markings are DVD+R Ver.1.2/1X-8x Sony Corporation both in blue writing. Serial stamped in the plastic is 6G520A4041 54PG. Dvd identifier does identify the mid as YUDEN000T02 though I wouldn’t think that sony would use fake ty.


the serial number is actually jsut outside of the plastic hub.

i’m looking at sony TYs now and they have the numbers stched into the clear palstic and the usual TGXXX serial numberin a reflective type etching just outsife of the clear plastic hub (still towards the inner ring of the disc though)

if you bought a pack you should be able to see it, but in the package, it’s actually obscured by the spacer.


“TGXXX serial numberin a reflective type etching just outsife of the clear plastic hub (still towards the inner ring of the disc though) if you bought a pack you should be able to see it, but in the package, it’s actually obscured by the spacer”

I have had luck reading the serial numbers in the gaps between the white octagonal spacer and the round inner silver hub ring of the top disk.

It is pretty difficult, but possible. When you shake the pack the octagonal spacer spins a fraction of a turn revealing more of the hub.

It probally is not necessary as every pack that we have seen with an octagonal space has been TY T02.


yikes, sorry about all the typos in that last post. i was posting from bed and sometimes my wireless keyboard and the receiver don’t get along when I’m across the room…


hey ripper:
any sony 8x dvd+r mij (accucore or not, round spacer or octagon spacer) are ty-t02. at least thats what i have found. now the 16x sony is another story.


Maybe the board should have a separate forum called:

[B]“TY Sightings.”[/B]

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there needs to be an updated sony media thread so we can sort everything out in light of all of the new information.

  • OR - MIJ are both going to be TY now, for all speeds except +R 16x. this includes everything with the accucore label. -R without the accucore label may be old stock and still be sony MID.

does this sound right to you?


serial is TG001162. at the opisite side of the disk in the same reflective ring it says 0811.


the second number is the batch number. some people pay attention to this. i normally don’t.

i’ve bought 2 packs in the past couple days. both the same serial numbers as yours, one is batch 8011, the other is 0903.

(also i should have mentioned that if you flip the disc upside down you don’t have to read backwards/mirror image haha…that’s always a bit easier!)


That is good to know about the +R. I would have swarn that I saw some -R MIJ with non TY Serial last night at Staples. The spacer on the -R was small enough to read the serial of the hub.


was the spacer octagon or round?

the above isn’t set in stone…it’s what i think iv’e gathered from recent postings so if anyone finds anything contradictory please let me know!


I bought two Sony MIJ 8x +R yesterday from Staples (after PM to OD) and they had the round spacers still, with the TG00xxxx imprints on the discs. From reading all about the Sony/TY marriage, I thought the octagonal spacers were indictive for TY 16x media only.


For everyones information the SonyOD16 are very good 16X media. Maybe not Tys but very good.


i’ve got 8X+R MIJ with octagonal spacers…

so i guess the spacers are no longer a sure indication. they can still be TY without the octagonal spacer.


:)With the MID Sony D21 AccuCORE 16x+r I have poor results with 4 different burners @8,12,and 16x burn speeds :frowning: are the OD16 dash-r?


Hehe, new species you found there alan. :bigsmile:
Sony MID for 16x -R is SONY16D1, 16x +R is SONYD21. :slight_smile:


How poor?