Possible Solution to SonicStage



Hey guys,

For those of you who are having problems converting your tracks with SonicStage, try the following. It’s a multi-step procedure, but if you really want the tracks on your MP3 player, then follow my instructions.

  1. Open Nero Burning Rom and create an audio-cd using the IMAGE RECORDER.

  2. Mount image into Daemon-Tools or any other virtual cd image reader.

  3. Open SonicStage, go to View --> Music Source --> Import a CD.

  4. Import the tracks to your hard drive. The title of every track, and the album should be UNTITLED.

  5. As soon as the tracks are imported to your hard drive, goto View --> My Library to bring up your albums. UNTITLED should show up near the bottom. Then go to View --> Transfer --> ATRAC Audio Device (Drive Letter).

  6. Transfer all of the untitled tracks over to your ATRAC Audio Device at whatever Bitrate you wish. You will have to rename the Group as well as the Audio tracks unfortunately.

  7. When the conversion and transfers are complete, go back to your albums in the library, delete the untitled tracks and check off the box to delete them from your hard drive.

  8. Unmount the image from Daemon-Tools and delete the image.

That pretty much wraps it up. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Be sure to have read all of the instructions carefully as you may have forgotten so choose the recorder to Image Recorder or whatever.