Possible solution for CD-R burning problem (712SA)


Like some others in this forum I had problems burning CD-R with my plextor 712sa. It would read and write all kinds of DVDs, but only READ CDs. I could not write in Nero or perform a write test with Plextools. The drive would freeze and the only way I could open the drawer was by doing a HARD reset.

Solution for me was to use the newest original NVidia nForce drivers (6.53) from the Nvidia download page. I guess it has been incompatibility with the older Nvidia IDE drivers. The newer ones work extremely well (at least for me).

Works with:
DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR

712SA connected via Port2 of the NVidia SATA ports.

Hope this helps…

Thanks for letting us know BlairX, welcome to the forums :wink:

Well I am not sure where to go for this one. My px 712 doesnt recognize some cd’s at all. I havent had any burn problems with dvds. It burns cd’s with nero fairly well. My other issue is that it doesnt burn a cd with plextools pro at all. It comes up as Source disk too large, it reads the cd at 147 minutes instead of 80. I only put like 12 songs in it by drag and drop it just doesnt seem to read it right. I tried the new firmware 1.07 and the new version of plextools with same results. I usually end up burning cd’s in my liteon dvd burner. Any help would be appreciated. I searched for a while but couldnt figure where to travel here. I am new at this. If you can help or redirect me somewhere thanks. J :slight_smile:

Using latest firmware (1.07) for your Plexy PX-712SA? Just got mine today and ripped a few to cd-r, both different media using Nero and Plex Tools with no problems at all. I find ASPI 4.6 layer very realiable and stable. :wink: