Possible Set-up Problem with a TEAC DV-W516GA

Not sure if this the right forum to discuss this but here goes:

I had a Philips Burner and using DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink the average time to burn a movie was approximately 2 hrs using -R Media. I could live with this as the drive was a 8x Drive however, I gave this drive to a friend and he installed it on his system which is a few steps down from mine (Configuration wise). He didn’t change anything in the software and is running the same operating system but his burns are taking only about 10-15 minutes maximum. At first I though I had done something wrong but verified that I had set up my new 16x Teac DV-W516GA Drive the same way and even tried re-installing the programs but my speeds are still upwards of 45 minutes. We are using the same media and the program confiurations are the same. I have tried to see about Firmware upgrades and such but nothing is available, I am truly boggled and could use some assistance. Please Help!