Possible reason LiteON' DVDRW dont match CDRW drives

I was on another site recently and found this explination to the SOHW

The acronym SOHW stands for Sony Optical Half-height optical loader Writer. The name means that this is a product developed jointly with Sony and that its length is reduced, an advantage for certain Mini PCs.

Maybe the reason Liteons drive dont match their old standards is that they havent been developing the drives by themselves but with sony.

That makes sense (Sony now owns LiteOn), as I’m sure LDW must have been LiteOn DVD Writer.

No Sony Dont own LiteON but Sony are co developing the dvd drives with LiteON instead of liteon going it on their own (like the way Toshiba and Samsung are doing). Dont forget sony has stopped making DVD drives of their own and are getting LiteON to make it for them.

That’s interesting, because an article I read a while ago said that Sony had increased their share holding in LiteOn to a controlling share. What’s your source of information?


Where did you read this?


None of the MediaTek-based drives seem to be doing well in the 16x DVD burner market. I don’t think that the problem is Sony (I don’t think that they’ve done much joint R&D), but MediaTek. MediaTek was wonderful for CDs because 1) CDs are simpler and easier to write to and 2) Mtk was the champion of good EFM encoding, making it the darling of CD copy protection handling. The current drives still do wonderfully with CDs and with copy protections. And they even burn quite nicely at 8x. But I think that MediaTek’s chipset just isn’t up to it for 16x.

Are mediatek still using 16bit chips vs everyone elses 32b chips?

Who is the best maker of dvd chipsets at the moment now that medtiatek is down and out.

No, they are still using a 8-bit 8032 cpu core and bankswitching.

Wish I could remember.