Possible read error

Hi guys + gals,
hoping someone may be able to help me.
I have been having a dialogue box pop up when i go to burn my ripped dvd.
I have been ripping with DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5 to hard drive no problems, then i will open Nero express, add files, then click burn, and low and behold a message saying “There has been a possible read error during the operation. This may result in a defective write. Do you want to continue?” Now i have been choosing “yes” and the dvd’s have come out playable, however they sometimes get to particular points in the movie and freeze (ie half way).
What is going wrong? And how can i overcome this problem? My fate is in your hands.

There are so many potential causes. You need to tell us what burner you have, your OS and so on.

I think what’s needed by us is mentioned here

I’m sure we’ll find the root cause and welcome to the Forum

Thanks for the quick reply future proof.
OS very basic - pentium I, 40Gig HD, 256 SD RAM, NEC 1300A DVD+/-RW.
I have been using TDK DVD+R blanks and have recently tried shintaro DVD-R blanks to which i am no longer getting this ‘possible read error’ message.
Any ideas?

I suggest that you search the forum for NEC and 1300 because I think that a firmware upgrade is the answer to most ills for this unit.