Possible Problem with Clone CD 4 and Lockups

When I start WinXP…I have four things loading:

  1. Norton AntiVirus
  2. MS Intellimouse 4.01 (Latest)
  3. MS Office Keyboard Intellitype 2.11 (Latest)
  4. Elbycheck

When I boot into WinXP…I lock up at the Welcome screen and have to hit Control-Alt-Del to bring up taskmanager, which then clears everything and Lets me into windows. So I started disabling everything. The only time it gives me NO problems is when I disable elby check on bootup. At that point, I get into Windows every time without having to bring up task manager. Just wanted to share. Hopefully, Olli stops by from time to time and will read this.

Bob M

is there a cd in one of your drives???

No…and the beta versions of 4.0 never did this, either! Only since I downloaded the final version


Have had the same setup running on my machine since January. Everything the same except the new version of Clone CD.

try this completly uninstalling clone cd then reboot reinstall it from final version ( then reboot see what happeneds then :slight_smile:

Same result…so I’ll just keep elbycheck out of my startup configuration…Oh well!


yea that is rather useless unless ya use hide cd-r media option :slight_smile: