Possible problem Burning DVD-R with DVD Decrypter

Hi All,

I’m new to burning DVD-R, my last burner only burned +R. When
burning w/DVD Decrypter (ISO Write mode) I notice that the DVD-R and
DVD+R discs close differently at the end of a burn. I have an NEC 3520.

The DVD+R (Fuji 8X TY) discs close like this:

14:04:51 Synchronising Cache…
14:04:52 Closing Track…
14:05:05 Finalising Disc…
14:05:22 Operation Successfully Completed!

DVD-R (Maxell 8X MXL RG03) and (TYG02) discs close like this:

14:46:47 Synchronising Cache…
14:47:02 Operation Successfully Completed!

I’m curious if it’s normal for DVD Decrypter to skip the CLOSING
TRACK and FINALISING DISC phase when burning DVD-R. If possible can someone post their DVD Decrypter log after a DVD-R burn w/Decrypter so I can compare with mine?


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