Possible Pioneer 108 PI/PO scan = PI/PO scan for NEC 3500 possible?

It’s coming soon maybe :ouch:

Is a new firmware needed ? Seems almost to be a hidden functionality…
And since NEC 3500 and his cousine Pioneer 108 have the same chips… :stuck_out_tongue: ???

Firmware would be required, probably.

that would be sooooo Cooool if NEC would release a FW so we can do PI/PIF scanning with CD speed.

Woww that is goood news !
Cant wait for this.

…assuming that NEC engineers decide to implement something like this, which, given NEC’s past stance on this, would seem unlikely.

Is NEC the last major manufacturer to not support PI/PIF scanning.

And I think ArchV was saying that’s good news for Pioneer owners.

I was under the impression that NEC and Pioneer drives were exactly same at hardware level & only differnt at Firmware. Is that not the case ?


They share the same chipset. Which is kinda like saying “Windows and Linux can both run on the same x86 CPU.” They are two very different drives, just like Windows and Linux are two very different operating systems.

It seems to be a forthcoming feature in DVDInfoPro for all Pioneer drive since 103 till 108. So I think it’s a hidden possibility and no new firmware is needed… I hope we will see this in other programs too (as Nero CD/DVD Speed…).

I’m just wondering whether the readings from pioneer will be anything close to what lite-on drives read. And if it’s different, the nec would probably show a higher error count i’m guessing?

If this goes back to the 103 then this “functionality” has been hidden all along.
My guess is Pioneer is bringing this to light now to stem further lost sales to competitors that allow this ability.
They are probably envious of all the interest that BenQ is gaining with thier drives.
They need to do something to counter the perception of the slowest 16x drive on the planet.
That said I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for NEC to do the same. Unless the big OEM’s ask for it we’ll probably never see it on an NEC drive.

just boycott NEC’s drive for a couple months, and they’ll probably add that to their drives, hehe :slight_smile:

PI/PO and bitsetting on Pioneer drives !
Liteon has much to worry about and also NEC.

Pioneer 103 … 108 can now have quality scans with latests software.
Asus (Pioneer OEM) with last Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.55…
Plextor 712 and + can do quality scans with Plextools…
Liteon (and Sony clones) with well knows Kprobe…
BenQ implements this quality scans too in their new, excellent and cheap burners too…

What about NEC moving their ass :o after waiting for firmwares, we are now waiting for something that every other manufacturers share with customers… a PI/PO scan possibility.

If the answer from NEC is : it’s impossible with current drives (2510/3500), I know some customers that will never buy NEC again… :a

LoL PI/PF was never previously possible, and nec have still been selling a ton. I too hope they’ll be able to release a firmware or software that’ll enable us to use nec to scan PI/PF, but the results will be different from other manufacturers PI scanners too. People should still prefer using lite-on’s for scanning as they’re more understandable since they’ve been used for it for a while.

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