Possible New Feature?

Since DVD2ONE recodes the movie, is it possible to add in an option to select a BMP/JPG to add to the start of a movie before its recoding routine that would display 3-5 seconds then on with the movie?

This way I can add my own backup notice, or info about the movie I wish to add when the movie starts. I figure using a simple image added to the begining for so many seconds ought to be a great feaure without having to load up dvd-authoring software to do the job before using DVD2ONE.

Thanks for your ears!

DVD2one does not RE-ENCODE the movie, it compresses it.

It does not contain a encoder, so adding a branding image to it would be a very impossible job. Try re-authoring the movie if you want to brand/tag your stuff.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I will look around to hopefully find an ‘easy’, less time consuming way to add an image. Thanks for a wonder product!!!

NE1 have any tips on simply adding an image to the start of my movie for a 3-5 second duration? Software, methods, ect?

Thanks all, after reading through the forum, support for the DVD2One seems to be a GREAT community.

Originally posted by ReneB
DVD2one does not RE-ENCODE the movie, it compresses it.
It does not contain a encoder, so adding a branding image to it would be a very impossible job. Try re-authoring the movie if you want to brand/tag your stuff.

Would a branching-routine for an insert (and auto-recalculate based on space) be that difficult? I mean, you guys are underpaid wizards, and all–and maybe this isn;t worth the effort if not popular…
but I would like it.
Maybe a good back-burner consideration?
Failing such, maybe someone with more time on their hands than these poor guys could throw together a helper-app, and then we’d just calculate down the movie-size output to implement…

@ RastaMan,

Suggest visiting the Doom9.Net Web Site (http://www.doom9.org) and navigate to “Guides” located on the top left of the page. Then look under >>Separate Ripping Steps “Subtitles”. Then look for VOB->Bitmap Based Subtitles –Using SubRip (For DVD±R). This will lead you to a “Guide” that will provide information on how to produce your SubTitle TitleSet.

If you are unable to find information at the Dome9.Net Web Site the below link will provide additional “Guides”.



Thats great resources for subtiles, but what I am looking for is a simple way to add an image to the start of a movie.

I never rip the menus anyway, just the movie. I use SmartRipper then DVD2ONE, then RecordNow(Stomp) to record my backup.

Still being somewhat new to the world of DVD, however learning lots as I go, I am sure there is a process between SmartRipper and DVD2ONE to add an image to the start of a movie… Kinda like what 321Studios does with their DVDXCopy, placing a backup notice on all backups when the movie is played.

I wish to do something similar. Is there a .VOB editor that I can insert an image into the first .vob file set to a timeline which I can set to 2-5 seconds or something along thoses lines?

I am looking at DVDCutter which claims you can edit VOB files directly, but I want to be sure I am on the right path and using software that will not consume a lot of time to simply add an image to the start of a movie. Any thoughts?

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In the Video_ts.vob is the start logo.
if you make your own vob then you can copy the file before burning.
Make a Movie convet to vob and it works like dvdxcopy

Ok, so how do I convert the one file to VOB?

If I understand correctly, I rip my movie with SmartRipper which gives me my:


So if I make a VIDEO_TS.VOB and insert it like so:


and then use DVD2ONE, I should have what I want?? If this is true, how do I convert my MPEG intro to VOB format? And is the above theory correct?

yes your theorie is rigth.
look at the movie you make with dvdxcopy
to convert u can use peit, neodvd moviefactoty from ulead.
the video_ts.vob is a small file so you dont need dvd2one to encode if you let space for this file.
only ifoedit to correct pointers. experiment with a movie on rewriteble or from hdd.
i used ulead cool 3d for an animation.
on ulead.com you can get trial versions.

Here is what I did… I thought it sounded too simple, and it didn’t work as I thought.

I created my own VIDEO_TS.VOB that had a 5 second intro. I added it to my list of files as stated above. Burned my movie. The movie starts, but I see no intro. However I did test the intro VOB and it works, so again I am missing something.

When I use smartripper, should I also rip the disks VIDEO_TS.VOB and then simple replace with my own? When I rip, I am not currently ripping that file, just the movie like stated above.

Or, should I rip like I have been, add my VIDEO_TS.VOB, and then use IFOEDIT first and then DVD2ONE for final compression to burn?

I have been playing with IFOEdit and trying to understand exactly how it works. See a little complicated at first glance because I don’t know exactly what to change yet.

I feel like I am almost there. Any further help would be great.

Many thanks again!

Rastaman ~
You might try this link…I think it’s what your looking for…
:bigsmile: WF

How about replacing the FBI Warning with your own “FBI Warning”