Possible music tax draws strong emotions

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There has been a lot of talk about a music tax and its effectiveness to help pay for copyrighted music download. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) seems most interested in…

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“Warner Music Group is interested in having students at several major universities pay a flat fee for unlimited access to music downloads across peer-to-peer file sharing networks”

“The tax wouldn’t allow the students to continue to download and share music files, and it would be only for music”

These are two contradictory statements. So which is it, a tax that allows people to download whatever they want pertaining to music from any source. Or a tax that, according to the second statement, only gives the RIAA more money, and apparently will do nothing for the end user, since they still won’t be allowed to d/l music

If you want something to stop selling, tax it. Just like if you want to alter a behavior, tax it. But if you’re hoping to do business in a market, taxing that market is the last thing you’d want to do. If the music industry is stupid enough to think that “taxing” students is going to do anything to help their industry, then they are more deluded than I thought. Students aren’t the only ones downloading, and you can bet students won’t like being singled out, so I’ll bet they can find a way around the “tax.”

Good gravy, music morons, just make a product worth paying for, charge reasonable rates, and people will pay. Stop acting like everyone “OWES” you something. Get over it. As long as it’s braodcast free over the radio, nobody is going to want to pay for it, unless you make paying for it also get the buyer something of value above and beyond what the radio provides. Start using technology to enhance the user’s experience and stop trying to use technology to punish the user and extract a non-stop stream of money, and maybe you’ll find your sales on an upswing for a change.