Possible Media Problem?

Greetz to all…

I am using CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Recently I have noticed that during playback on my set-top dvd players, 1/2 way through the movie or sometimes towards the end the video starts to jerk and freeze.

Is this a possible media problem? I currently use ProDisc 8x with my Pioneer DVR-108

I don’t recall having problems in the past using ProDisc, but seems lately I get the same results on any burn. I am trying different media sometime today, but open to thoughts.

As for running background processes and such, all is good, so I am leaning toward possible junky media.

Made in Japan media are almost always better in quality. I’d defrag the hard drive and try better media, especially if you have not made any changes in the hardware department.

Problem solved, it was the media. :a

I was looking online at http://www.rima.com … Is the brand ‘Taiyo Yuden’ any good?

Is the brand ‘Taiyo Yuden’ any good?


Good stuff. I use 8X DVD+R Yuden000 T002 media. This stuff will burn at 16X on NEC 3500A drives. 8X DVD-R may be better for playback if the burn drive cannot change the booktype to DVD-ROM while creating the DVD.

I just baught a 50-Pack of RIDATA G04 Silver top and they work great with my Philips DVP642/37 and I always burn most of my DVD-R’s at 2-2.4x or 2x whateva you do don’t buy Sonic DVD-R’s their crap for this unit.