Possible issue with Panasonic TYG02?



Hi, I had a question and thought I would get some expert opinions…

I bought a five pack of Panasonic DVD-R’s MIJ at Circuit City for $10 (TYG02) ad I haven’t used any yet, but if you hold them up to a light the ends look strange. Can anyone tell me if this is anything I should be worried about?


I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s a problem, most likely it’s something with the sealing being rough or something like that.
Be happy that you can get TYG02 at all retail, all I can find in my area is Panasonic TYG03 :frowning:


Yeah, these are the 8x and they had a couple on the shelf, but none were price marked. I saw them on the website and knew the price anyhow.


I’d buy all of them if I saw them :wink:


As would I :iagree:


I have about 14 of those Panasonics left and the edges are like that on mine, i would have to agree with kg_evilboy and say its something to do with the bonding. The burn a very nicely though.


I’ve been looking for Panasonic TYG02 like crazy here in Egypt and even asked the shop I deal with to get me some and all he can get is Panasonic TYG03.
I’ve seen lots of scans of TYG02 media and they are very nice but my TYG03 scans the same and sometimes even way better, they can be written@20X or 18X in some burners and at these speeds they look absolutely brilliant media specially the GH000175 batch :slight_smile:


If you like this (TYG02) try here

Circuit City is over price :Z ( Like a Memorex pro Gold CD & DVD )
I think… maybe Bestbuy ( Panasonic ) have old stock 10 Pack for $ 10 or local superstore Shoprite Fuji 8X DVD-R slim jewel case 10 Pack for $10(check made in Japan ) or Sears store Sony 8X +R 50 pack YUDEN000T02 ( also MIJ ) $22