Possible idea for a new Forum or Sub-Forum



This is an idea for a possible new sub-forum, or forum. I think a nice resource of information would be a sub forum that could be called “User Test Area” or “User Test Threads” etc… where users can have their own thread (with editing capabilities past 20 minutes) where they can post Kprobe scans, post screenshots of other CDR/DVDR “stuff” they’re doing, mini-reviews, etc… The thread titles could be the person’s username + model number of main drive, or just username, or however you’d like to do it.

People could reference this forum in a way similar to the way they reference the media forum. Except this forum will have more types of information, screenshots, comparison scans, etc… Some of us amass quite a collection of screenshots, Kprobe Scans (i have easily over 100 kprobe scans already hosted), and other valuable info. I think if we could do this in a semi-organized way (similar to media forum), it could become a well known and heavily referenced CDR/DVDR resource on the web.

Regular users of CDFreaks generally know quite a few other users on the forum, or are at least familiar with a user. When someone is curious about how a certain drive burns, they can click into the user area and look at a thread of someone that they know has that particular drive. For example I might want to see some scans from a DVR-108, so I could go to the user threads and check out Jamos’ thread, or anyone I know who has that drive. Also, users who have their own thread going, could have a link to their thread in their signatures. So a user could be reading a thread and stumble across someone who has 2 drives he’s interested in. He could click the link in the user’s sig and see whatever scans and other information that the user had posted.

I don’t think I did a good job explaining my idea, but I think you get the picture. There are quite a few possibilites for this.