Possible idea about tages

Tages of course uses twin sectors in which read forwards and then backwards yields different data. The problem is reading the disk backwards. All typical cd-roms seek data forwards, the trick is finding a way to read it backwards. Since no cd-rom is “made” to read backwards, what about using one that is. Would it be possible to use a moded xbox’s dvd-rom drive to extract the image backwards?

LOL every cd-rom can read backwards :). But software must ask for it. You will simply read sectors backwards

If every cd-rom or dvd-rom can “read backwards”, why can’t a pc dvd-rom read an xbox disc?

No idea, maybe windows is not asking for it

If the average reader couldn’t read backward the tages protected game wouldn’t run at all, now would it. The game has to be able to read the copy protection so it must be reading it forward and backward and checks the results. The problem would then seem that writing twin sectors is the problem, not reading.

Writting is not the problem. If it was then the twinpeak method for securom new 4.84.74 and up or something like that would never work. And as we all know, unless you have a plex premium, that is the best way to go. I know that cd-roms can read backwards, thats obvious, but its not “native” for it to read backwards. Special software and code is required, hence tages. But using a drive that naturally reads backwards seems like a possible idea.

All this has been explained in the Advanced Forum. It is not a Topic for discussion in this forum.