Possible Free Ship Sale At Cd Dimensions



There’s a little confusion with this one, but it APPEARS that www.cddimensions.com is offering a 100% free shipping sale through 3/28. The confusion is:

  1. The email title says 5% off, but the body of the email replaces that with free ship several times (free ship would be a bigger discount in most cases)

  2. There is no coupon code.

  3. I went through most of an order without finalizing & it did show a shipping charge.

Their # is 888-395-6396 if you want to call & check before ordering. With the free ship their pricing is pretty competitive. I will likely do so if my finances permit.


I’ve been in contact with CD Dimensions. Apparently the email was rushed out too quickly. I am told the intent is to offer your choice of either free ship OR 5% off. They are going to email me an official statement tomorrow that I’ll post. This does look like a good sale.


Here’s clarification on the CD Dimensions sale:
"We invite you to use a coupon code for either free shipping or 5% off your entire order-whichever
saves you the most!



Here’s the final story on the CD Dimensions sale: they can’t get the codes to work. If you run your card directly through them (as opposed to authorize net or pay pal) , & send them an email they will bill the correct amount (this worked for me).


After all the bs with the CD Dimensions sale, they sent me the wrong discs… GRR.


I STILL don’t have the discs, they say they’re going to “resend” today…


I think your thread would be better off in the Bargain Basement area of the forum. Plus other members would see how terrible this store is, lol. Sorry for ur troubles. I jus ordered some TY’s on the 8th and got them yesterday, which was the 10th from SMS.


I moved it to the Bargain Basement, it has nothing to do with actual CDs, just a shipping coupon.:wink:


Newegg is usually more reliable on Discs, price might not always be great though.


[QUOTE=alan1476;2684076]I moved it to the Bargain Basement, it has nothing to do with actual CDs, just a shipping coupon.;)[/QUOTE]

That [I]expired[/I] [B]15[/B] days ago-eh!! :rolleyes:


[QUOTE=bigmike7;2684236]That [I]expired[/I] [B]15[/B] days ago-eh!! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]
You are correct bigmike, I didnt really look at the coupon, just the related thread and sub forum. My fault.:frowning: