Possible fix for Liteon 411s and DVD-r media

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Yes it should reach 6X at the end of a recorded DVD. But is starts out at about 3X and thus only averages just over 4X.
I’ve been testing the drive all afternoon and you’re right. The drive is reading at 6x max. Apart from the problem with Nero the drive is working fine. Now all i have to do is test these discs with other DVD drives and then move on to - media. Great review by the way. I received different software with my drive and no blank discs. I live in Australia though :).

Thanks for everyone’s help. :bigsmile:

I run my 411S as secondary slave and have no problems with that either.

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This is my 2nd DVD burner. I previously used a Pioneer 105.

I put the Liteon 411s in a machine I just built. It was set as Secondary Master and on a 80 pin IDE cable. I was able to burn Ritek G03 DVD-R while had sporadic luck with TDK 2x DVD-R.
Memorex 4x DVD-R didn’t work.

Interestingly enough, the same TDK 2x DVD-R that wasn’t working on my old cable, just did on a brand new 80 pin IDE cable.

Hope this solves my issues, so far so good.

Ok, I tried Memorex 4x DVD-R and it didn’t read it. I was using Nero Express.

I rebooted the machine and tried the same meida with Nero Burning rom interface and it read it. Something is definitely up with this drive or my IDE controller.


I was able to burn my Memorex 4x DVD -R using Nero burning rom. I just tried it again and was able to use the same media from my cakebox.

So to summarize,
1)New 80 pin IDE cable
2)Nero burning Rom

This was able to work on DVD-R media that didn’t work before.

Hope this trend continues

I had a 411s and got a 451s as a replacement. I could burn discs fine with both. But 2x tdk (ritek g04’s) burnt at 4x wouldn’t read. I could get every file off the disc EXCEPT for the last one. It would give a error

‘cannot copy file or folder’ box would come up.

‘cannot copy xxx: the parameter is incorrect.’

+r’s and +rw’s read fine though. I tried the drive in another machine, completely different hardware/chipset. It still gave the error.

I tried reading the -r’s on a liteon 166s and a optorite 0203 and they read perfectly. So it’s something with the drives firmware I think.

It can’t be just a bad drive, as this is the 2nd one and they both have the same problem.

The discs were burnt using included sonic RNM, closed session. Nero 5 wouldnt even see the 411s, nero 6 wouldn’t let me burn a -r with it, never tried a +r.

With the 451s nero 5 see’s the drive, burns +rw’s fine. Simulates a burn at 4x with a -r, but fails the actual burn.

Anyone else have this problem, or know what could be wrong?