Possible firmware problem on 111d

Ok heres the deal. As soon as i flashed to the 111L firmware my computer started freezing off and on.

I followed the instructions and Flashed to 111L 8.19 INT, Restarted my computer and Flashed to 111L 8.26 INT.

I am not sure if this is the problem but the first time it froze was immediatly after the Flash from 8.19 to 8.26. After the Flash i resterted my computer and it froze during start up. It froze in the middle of loading Quick start programs. My Anti-Virus program specifically(I did disable it when flashing though). I restarted it again and it loaded normal so i thought it was just a coinsidense. It freezes sometimes when i open My computer or some random folders and programs.

Should i have Flashed in Safe Mode? Could that be the problem?
Is it even possible for Firmware to cause your computer to freeze up?
Can i Flash back to the original Firmware? Stupid me forgot which one it was.
Could it be because i’m on Windows 98?

There is a possibility it could be something else especially since i only had my burner installed into my computer for maybe 3 hours before i did the Upgrade. But it didn’t freeze at all during that time. I even backed up 2 movies successfully with no problems. It didn’t freeze once until i did the Firmware.

What should i try first? I’m afraid to mess up more lol.
This is just my luck. I buy my first burner and i mess it up in 3 hours.
And it does work. I can still play movies with it. And Internet Explorer doesn’t freeze. Just Windows Explorer stuff like folders.

For the moment my computer is acting normal again and isn’t freezing. Now i don’t know if it fixed itself or if it’s more of a random thing. It will probably freeze again after i post this lol.

After some searching i found a similar problem someone else had. Just not exact. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1529753&postcount=5 He had trouble Flashing 111L 8.26 having another Dvd device set as Slave, The Pioneer has to be the single master.
I have a Plextor PX-W2410TA set as slave and my Pioneer 111D set as master.

Only difference is 8.26 111L flashed successfully for me. Or so it said.

Later i will probably unhook the Plextor and flash again.

But what do i need to do?

Should i Reflash 111L 8.26? Or do i go back and Flash to the Original Firmaware and start over?

Or am i getting ahead of myself? :confused: :frowning:

The important things is: Is the Pio running in [B]UDMA4[/B] mode??

Yes it is UDMA 4 and i’m using 80 wire. Funny thing is that it hasn’t froze up since this morning(I probably just jinxed myself). It froze up a few times last night and a few times this morning. I was getting frustrated. Not i don’t know what i should do. If anything.

Ok i had a thought. But i really don’t have a clue.

I did notice that when it was freezing it didn’t freeze like my computer normaly does. It was almost like it was going in slow motion. But so slow that it still couldn’t go any further. I could still hit Ctrl Alt Del(Which i normaly can’t when my computer freezes) But it just took along time for the screen to come up and it wouldn’t end what was hung.

Could it be possible it was just taking a while for my computer to accept or proccess the new firmware?
I don’t know how all that works internally.