Possible faulty Pioneer dvr 109?

Just bought a Pioneer DVR 109.

This unit was installed yesterday as per installation instructions and it can recognise and play dvd’s but does not allow recording. We are running Windows XP. Previous cd burner was in “Master” jumper setting. This unit was removed, Pioneer was installed also with “Master” jumper setting on.

Icon for this drive in “My Computer” shows it as “DVD-R RW Drive” when empty.

When a blank dvd is placed within unit, Icon in “My Computer” changes to “CD Drive”. When clicking on Properties of blank DVD, we get 0 Free Space and 0 Used Space.

We have tried 4 different types of DVD blanks and it does the same on all of them. None will allow data to be written to DVD blank.
With XP I was pretty sure this would be “plug and play”, but I guess not. Have I mssed something or is the burner faulty?

I bet I’ve forgotten something, havn’t I ??

TIA all.

What DVD brands are you trying???

Princo, SKY -R and SKY+R. Can’t find the fourth one we tried.

Your burning software may be too old to recognise the drive as a DVD.
Upgrade to the latest version.

Hi c@tbyte,

I have installed both Ulead 6 and 7, Winfast DVD, etc, but I even tried a simple drag and drop in windows explorer and even that didn’t work. I have also upgraded to firmware version 1.57 but still no joy.

Any further suggestions greatly appreciated.

if possible, try the burner in another PC - see what happens