Possible DVD+/- RW or Windows Problem

I have a LiteOn 411s that up until today was working flawlessly with Window XP. I recently installed Adobe Premire 6.5 and Pinnacle 8 after wich I noticed I could not burn my DV movies onto DVD. I look in My Computer and DAMN! No optical drive!

So I start my troubleshooting. First I go into Device Manager to look at the status of the drive. I see my drive marked with an ! beside it. In the details it says " Windows was able to load device drivers but could not locate your hardware. " WTF? I then proceed to uninstall the device and then search for new hardware. It finds the new hardware and attempts to install the default drivers for LiteOn LDW-411s. This operation subsequently fails. Another look in device manager and the device has the same status. Hmm? Finds new hardware and then thinks the hardware is not there? Next I uninstall the IDE controllers and restart. They install successfully. Still no luck though with the drive.

I then proceed to unistall all the software I installed since installing the drive (Premire 6.5 and Pinnacle 8). Nada.

Last but not least I check my cabling. I have only one optical drive in my machine set up as master on the primary IDE. This checks out and is okay. So I also tried the secondary IDE channel. Still no go.

But wait, I’m not done yet. I then remove the drive from the machine and install it into a PC at work. Viola! it works. Drive is recognized and I can Play MP3’s from a disk. I didn’t go as far as burning anything with it.

So my next step is to Re-install XP :frowning: Unless someone else has any ideas. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.