Possible DT4x issue with LG burners?

I originally posted this to the Daemon Tools forum, but figured I’d throw it on here since it’s been a week, had like 80 views, and not a single response… I recognize this forum is a bit more lively. =P

Just curious to know if anyone here in the LG camp has noted any ‘issues’ with installing DT on their systems, and if possibly there’s some validity here, or if it’s an unrelated issue… In either event, please respond if there are any questions, comments, etc.! Thanks in advance, everyone…

“Recently had to buy a new dvd-r because my LG died on me, specifically… It refused to read DVDs. CDs were fine, but DVDs were a no-go, although it would read DVDs it burnt… but it would burn at maybe… 0.2x tops? It was very strange, I assumed hardware woes, junked it, and moved on… However, I’m here with a friend’s laptop who’s drive’s doing the exact same thing. Interestingly enough, there’s almost no differences in software or hardware other than LG branded drives and the fact DT4x+ exists on the system. XP Pro vs Home, no other burning/emu softwares (no easy CD creator :P), very different hardware (other than the dvd-r’s). At that, different model numbers… Mine was a LG GSA-4166B and hers being a LG GWA-4080N drive. I’ve seen a few posts with similar complaints (the complain seems very specific and consistently the same although there are never any responses…) but with not enough info on what the branding of the drive is. If there’s any way anyone can do research into the validity of the claim, or why, that’d be good. Since moving on to a liteon branded drive, I have had no issues whatsoever. I don’t know if there’s somehow hardware damage or what, though, as even with a clean format my old drive would not work properly again. If there’s any kind of fix found for this that prevents my friend from having to buy a new drive… that’d be good! :stuck_out_tongue: Anywho, thanks in advance to anyone who’s able to help with this. If any more info’s required, please feel free to ask.”

Put it this way: if anyone posts about burn/disc recognition problems, the first thing I ask is if they have DT (or Alcohol) installed, and ask them to uninstall it for troubleshooting purposes. :wink:

I’ve seen quite a few posts where discs weren’t recognised as writable, or wouldn’t burn at all, with these softwares installed.

I think it’s to do with the “Hide ATIP” or “Ignore CD-R media” option being enabled a lot of the time.

Hmmm… Like I said, at one point I blew away my system and currently on my friend’s laptop have ‘rigorously’ uninstalled both DT and its STPD driver… The only thing I can think is, if it’s not some kind of outright conflict, is if somehow the firmware is being modified in some way… Where are these Hide ATIP and Ignore CD-R Media settings of which you speak? Also, the issue wasn’t necessarily that it wouldn’t write … In both instances they outright refused to read DVD’s of any kind, blank or a store-bought movie, for example. However, CD media of all kinds (again, blanks or otherwise) have no problem whatsoever being read. All that being writing aside… Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks again for the help.

We think you are clutching at straws there, this would be quite some feat.

Brother Vlad

Yes, I recognize that it’s not really… feasible, but yeah, clutching at straws is definitely the term to use… I definitely can see a problem, and being in IT I’ve done my damned best to nail down the cause of the problem but haven’t had much success, and it’s hard to nail down a solution if you can’t quite find the source of your problems… But yeah, pretty much anything at this rate that may help would reallllly be great. =P

I don’t have the LG drives you mentioned.
I do have the LG H10A, and have used it with modified firmwares as a H10N and now the H12N.
I have both Alcohol 52% and Daemon Tools installed and have never had a problem with the LG drive reading CDs or DVDs, nor with burning CDs or DVDs.
This has been so both with the ATIP Hiders enabled or disabled.
I now normally keep the Hiders disabled(as well as the Image Drives), until I really need those functions. The hider does cause a problem with CD-DVD Speed when saving files or screenshots with the MID included in the file name.

I once had a problem with the drive(as a H10A, JL04, I think) recognizing CDs but I couldn’t trace the problem to either of these softwares.

Good timing on this thread. I’m having some strange problems with my H22N and a BenQ 1650.

I had a desktop with the following:
Plextor Premium (Internal)
Plextor 712 (Internal)
BenQ 1650 (Internal)
LG GSA-H22N (External via firewire (Oxford 911+))

Scans with CD Speed were looking great on the 1650. “Create CD” tests with the H22N were showing flawless burning and great TRT. The desktop had Slysoft Virtual Clone Drive installed for .iso mounting.

Fast forward a week or so… Desktop is now dismantled. I’m using my Acer TravelMate 8204 w/ EZ Dock as my main machine at this point. I purchased two more of the external cases with the Oxford 911+ and put the Plex 712 in one and the BenQ 1650 in the other. All connected via firewire to the EZ dock. The laptop has Daemon Tools 4.08HE installed. I ripped and split the latest Harry Potter DVD. While burning with ImgBurn, I noticed the device buffer was all over the place; never below around 50%, but fluctuating wildly. This was burning some MIJ Fuji (YUDEN T02) @ 8x. Well, upon playback in a standalone, there was a point which the playback would pause, then start, then pause again. This went on for a few minutes, but the rest of the disc was good. I looked at the data side of the disc and there was a strange pattern, not like a uniform burn. Second disc played without any hiccups. BTW, the original was ripped with AnyDVD and CloneDVD

I’m now wondering if it’s Daemon Tools. I really don’t need any of the advanced features, only image mounting and Virtual CloneDrive did that very well.