Possible Damage Disc ... Can't Back-up

I did a search of the forums and could not find anything helpful.

I’m trying to back up a copy of Superman The Animated Series Vol 2 for a friend. It’s a disc with data on both sides.

My friend tells me it’s seen a lot of play time and abuse and the picture is destorted at times …

I was able to get the one side no problem on the other side, I get so far through with both fabdvd and dvd decrypt and both gets stuck starting at VTS01_5.VOB and continues on. :Z

I get messages like “uncorrectable error” … “fail to read sector” …“unrecovered read error” … :a

I used some toothpaste for the scratches and clean the disc throughly. Still no luck …

Is it a lost cause? :sad:

You could try a Disc Doctor or some kind of resurfacing.

Hi … thanks for the reply …Disc doctor? … what is that? What do you mean by resurfacing? How do I do that?

Disk doctor is a device that polishes scratches out. I would try iso buster or vob blanker and see if either of them can read it.

It’s a device that’ll try to repair scratched/damaged discs. Do a search on-line and you’ll probably get a million hits. There are versions of this device from other companies, too. Video game places usually have a resurfacer machine that’ll repair scratched discs, but I don’t know how much they’d charge or if they’d even do it.

I’m real new at this so please bare with me … iso buster? … now I’ve have vob blanker but I don’t know how to use it … how can it help me in this case? Please explain … :confused:

Thank you for your time. :clap:

Iso buster is a program that is good at reading damaged/scratched disks (if they can be read). Vob blanker can sometimes remove a little bit of unreadable material and give usable files.
With vob blanker, click browse next to input video manager, find your disk, find the video_ts folder, in it should be an ifo file that you select. Then select a folder for the output on your hard drive. In the top gridded window, you should now have the video files on the dvd listed. Next to that window, click the proc.all button, then at the very bottom click the process!! button. Thats it. If it works, when it is done, the output folder will have your dvd files that you can use with your burning program. Fyi, sometimes if one program doesn’t work with the files it produces, sometimes another will. If that fails, try iso buster.

Okay … I’ve got VOB Blanker … I see the browse button, but there is a input and output folder box, but no “input video manager” … do you mean the input folder box? :confused:

Disk doctor is a device that polishes scratches out. I would try iso buster or vob blanker and see if either of them can read it.

Hi “ripit” I’ve been looking for these 2 programs and cannot find. I’ve seen them mentioned in lots of posts but never paid them much mind. Sounds like 2 very useful programs! can you guide me in the right direction?

I did as you said and I don’t have a process button at the bottom! Dang! The status box says “waiting”. Is it working on it?

I was using a bad version of Vob Blanker … I found the one with the process button at the bottom … working on the disc now … will let you know what happen. :bigsmile:

Dang … VOB didn’t work … got another I/O error … thanks anyway.

… How does ISO buster work … I downloaded the file … could you tell me how it works? Thanks.

If nothing else works, you can try using brasso, or other metal polish. I have even used toothpaste with limited results.

I have repaired 10 or so dvds which I was not able to rip with any program into discs that still did not play well in my stand alone players but were able to be ripped and backed up.

Apply a small amount to cloth or paper towel and gently work from the center of the disk to the edge, not in circles around the disk. Concentrate on the areas with the scratches but do the whole disk.

The idea is that the bad scratches which prevent the files from being readable can be “polished” off the disc by creating thousands of tiny scratches which the drive can read through.

I have spent over an hour trying to get disks to work. The work is slow but it has always worked. Before inserting the polished disk into any drive player, I clean it with soap and water, also, make sure the disk is dry after washing.

I don’t want to encourage you jump into this idea. Many very respectable people in this and other forums would advise against this procedure. But if nothing else works and you’re feeling adventurous…

If you use metal polish, make sure you use it outside or in a well ventilated area.

here is vob blanker
and iso buster

With iso buster, select your drive at the top. look for the video_ts folder, right click, hold, drag and select all the files in the video_ts folder. Right click over the selected files, click extract objects, it will prompt you for a location to save to, then it should run. Just a warning, this program will just about run forever trying to read a disk (I have seen it run for a full day before). You might want to decide in advance how long you want to let it try and read the disk because I don’t think it ever gives up.

I tried to do as you stated but when I do it states that I need the pro ISO Buster … does that mean the free version can’t extract the files? I found another Video TS above the one I tried … I got it to work … perhaps I must do the file one at a time? I have version 1.9.

Mine is version 1.9 (free version) and I just got it to start with the whole dvd? I’m not sure why it would give you that error message?

Okay I got it going … I guess I selected the wrong VideoTS file … it was the one close to the top.

Anyway the first attempt failed. I told it to skip the bad sectors … then I cancel it going through the bad sectors … shrink DVD didn’t like it at all. I’m trying again … this time I’m telling it to put in zeroes and let it do it’s thing … its says it will take time when there are errors it’s still working on the first of the bad VTS starting with 5 through 8.

Hopefully this will work.

Well it’s been almost an hour and ISO buster is still working on the first bad VTS VOB… I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere.

I’m going to let it run while I’m gone for the day, but I have a feeling it will still be on VTS_01_5 VOB when I get back tonight.

Thanks Big Time “ripit”. You re great.!!!

Well I was right … gone all day … I get back and no progress …it went from 47% to 48% … complete waste of time … It’s a lost cause… thank anyway.