Possible cure for defect drives - Check the cables

I found the following statement on the PlexWriter Premium2 at http://plextor-direct.jp/SHOP/CD-001.html (mechanical translation):

- The gold-plating of the flexible connector of the pickup… without using drive directly, while you buy it leaves. However new ones were bought, being busy, there was no time when it connects. The drive which former times applies became unable to use. The cause such a problem happening is called self-depreciation of the cat, “ウィスカ”. It is the accomplishing which occurs with metal deterioration. To be long making use of the gold-plating, the device which ウィスカ is difficult to occur was administered to the connector part, because it becomes the drive which utilization it receives.

What Plextor is saying here is that the disconnect of one of the flat ribbon cables in the drive or the oxidation of the contacs of such a cable is one of the reasons that a drive can fail over time. To overcome this the Premium 2 uses gold plated contacts.

This also means that if your drive appears to be defective (and you are out of warranty) this is something that you can easily check and correct for yourself without much effort. Just open the drive, disconnect, clean and reconnect all cables. With a little luck that’s all that it takes.

you can use some electronic cleaner to do the job also.

but i never see any corrosion in the contacts of IDE cables.