Possible copying problems

Hi everybody, new to this board, I have to start off with a question though. The most recent movie was House of Wax. The problem I am having is after dvd x copy or clonedvd2 finishes the burn. It will not play. For example I copied March of the Pengiuns with dvd x copy… everything completed fine as normal, I went to play it and it would not load in my dvd or in my computer. The computer said it was corrupt?? . This is after it says it burned no problem. weird? So I tried it will clonedvd2 and it was all good. I tested it and it played. So earlier dvdxcopy finished house of wax but would not play. So I thought, hey try it on clonedvd because it worked with pengiuns. But Wax did not work?

I was thinking dvdxcopy was not working correctly because why would clone work? Then this last house of wax didnt work on either? Could that mean burner problems?
Any insight on this would be helpful.

thanks a lot guys

Media is the most common reason for problems like this. Use dvd identifier to read the disks (doesn’t mater if they are burned or not) and post the information so we know what kind of disks you are using. Also, what is your burner?

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Thanks, but I think your right about the media problem. I tried it again with a disk from the middle of the spindle and that worked. It is a 100 disk spindle and this has happened before come to think of it with memorex 100packs. Maybe I’ll have to switch to only 50 packs. Anyone have a reliable brand that is consistantly working, or has anyone else had this problem?

Taiyo Yuden

Taiyo yuden are considered to be the best here, and they can be gotten online under the taiyo yuden name, or there are some brand name disks that are taiyo yuden if you know hoe to identify them. Mcc are also very good (probably considered the second best here). All verbatium in the US is mcc and most in other countries is mcc though it gets into issues of what plant they were made at for non US stuff. Maxell made in Japan that carries maxell media codes is also very good. ricohjpnr01 (avalable under several brands) is also very good fi you can find it (it is 4x and is no longer produced but it often burns at 8x or 12x just fine). Where are you and what is easilly avalable to you?

Well start by uninstalling DVD X Copy.