Possible bug with and the BenQ DW1620



CloneCD is taking the recognized disk (light on) in the DW1620 (with P firmware) and turning the light off and making the media “not recognized”. Asus A7N8X board with XP Pro with MS IDE drivers. Works fine with my Lite-on and CDs. No problem with CloneDVD2 and the burner either.


Actually it may be that AnyDVD is what’s doing it.


I trew my benq dual layer burner by the window. This burner is VERY picky w/media…even there… And i have wasted to many cd. Cannot even write two good cds in a row. I stick w/single layer/plextor 708a burner and ritek media.
It’s your burner budy.


I’ve been using my BenQ 1620 w/ CloneCD for a couple of weeks now. The only problem I had was with The Bourne Supremacy. For some reason if I tried to burn it faster than 2.4x it makes coasters.

As far as being picky with media, I can’t really say. So far I have only used Memorex 4x +R and -R, Memorex 2.4x +RW and Memorex 8x +R media and haven’t had any problems.

Memorex was the first media that I bought since it was on sale and didn’t have any problems with it so I’m going to stick with it, especially since it seems to always be on sale at either CompUSA, Best Buy or Circuit City.

On sale right now:

CompUSA - Memorex 2.4x DVD+RW 25 pak for $9.99 - In Store Only
CompUSA - Memorex 8x DVD+R 50 pak for $19.99
Staples - Memorex 8x DVD+R 50 pak $19.94 (says 4x but it’s 8x)