Possible bug (or 2) in DVD ISO File name handling

[li]Bug 1
Using DVDFab and previously, I’ve been trying to rip my daughters new Tinker Bell Movie. I kept getting this error:

19:52:11: Analyzing of DVD started
19:52:11: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
19:52:11: Copy process started
19:52:11: Task_1 failed! Error=400(15 1 C:\Documents and Settings\JVincent\My Documents\DVDFab\Temp\MainMovie\Tinker Bell (2008) (V) \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB)
19:52:12: Process failed!

I had a similar problem with another DVD (I think it was Cinderella). I typically rename the ISO to match the name returned when searchin IMDb so that my XBMC system will pull the correct cover art and such.

However, I kept getting the above error. When I tried just leaving everything as default, it worked. In looking at the above error, I noticed the extra space after the (V) in the path. The DVD name on IMDb is “Tinker Bell (2008) (V)”. I tried a number of times with the full IMDb name and double checked that there was not an extraneous space in my entry, but it still shows one in the error log.
[li]Bug 2
I had version and it would not notify me that a new version had been released, even if I manually clicked the “Check for Update” button.[/ol]

I will install dvdfab and give this a try with my copy and post back for you shortly

Ok I tested versions and and had no problems like you except for the check for newer update. version said it was checking but never said a new update was available. I even tried the new BETA and not get your problem. So what is your OS is it xp or vista

Remember that (unless it has changed) the update check only works for major releases, not betas. Not sure about the file naming thing, but I wonder if it is the parentheses.