Possible bug in Constant Ratio Mode




there seems to be a bug in D2Os Constant Ratio Mode. Movie was Seven R2/Movie only. At 1:46:47 the colors go to green and the image gets extremely blocky. Looks like the movie was on a bad DVD-R. However I played it from my HD (no bad sectors on it). Transcoded the movie even a second time with the same settings. Didn’t work either.

Everything fine in Variable Mode though.

Edit: I should add that this green blocky image image is just there for ca. 1 sec. or so (but definately reproducable). D2O ver. was 1.2.0. But I didn’t see that anything changed in Constant Mode up to ver. 1.2.3.

Edit 2: Perhaps I should add that I am talking about the Platinum Edition of “Seven (Sieben)” which contains 2 DVDs


perhaps you should tell your method of ripping too.

Looks like some parts got de’css-ed while there where not really de’css-ed.


I used DVDDecrypter Never had any problems with it to date. If you were right, shouldn’t the display corruption also appear in Variable Mode?

Edit: Just tried Power DVD 4.0 instead of WinDVD 4.5. Same Problem. Okay, don’t know how to say it, actually there are no green colors. Just EXTREME (I mean it) blockiness. So sorry for that. Perhaps I should stop taking my medicine… :wink:

Well after all, it might be nothing. Strange though.


How about the original at this exact same place… how is the picture…


Well, there is no (or at least no comparable amount of) blockiness in the original or my Variable Mode copy. I know that somethimes this or that mode looks slightly more blocky but never saw a difference to that extend.

Well, as I said, don’t know if its a bug or not. Might just be some extreme situation where to see a difference between Variable and Constant. Generally I still prefer Constant Mode however.


:smiley: hello and good day, 1st of all thanx for a cool bit of kit. :bow: today dated 19/07/03, i have just decrypted final destination 2 movie mode , not full disk. to much rubbish on it, view it on power dvd ok. used dvd2one 123 version on constant ratio, all fine, put it onto a datawrite go4 rytek dye disk, then check the disk in my acard duplicator, the disk has read erro’s. also played it. locked my pioneer 525 standalone player up. this player, plays anything. anyway, did the job lot again but on variable, old ratio and fine perfect disk. i have not change any part of the sequence but the ratio mobe.


This might be a tricky one. I did full screen version with menus and the whole movie fits on one dvd without compression. If you do widescreen there are two movies to pick from. One of them is an interactive film (Infinifilm) that pops up info that you can click on and redirects the film to a clip on how they made this scene. I`m guessing you might have picked the wrong film for movie-only and it crashes when it does not see the extras for the pop-ups to go to.

P.S. Havent tried it yet but you said variable works and constant doesnt. Strange.


The movie which i bought is a double sideded disk, full screen on side B and Widescreen on side A, A bit like the first dual layer that you had to turn over half way though the film. Its beat me. I did another film earlier, Ronin, Which is quite old, Made a right mess of it in constant but variable was fine. Played a good 15 mins, then the audio and the pic was all over the shop. Maybe works on some movies and not on others???. Please some one enlighten me :o