Possible BestBuy Clearance Ext HDD Deals

first off, these deals are all YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). Meaning, you may or may not get lucky with these. Just thought I would pass these on to those of you who do not go to slickdeals.net. There is 3 External HDDs that are on clearance at some Best Buy stores. but please, if at all possible, dont call asking if any are in stock. all you will do is just let the store person know about the deal and some of them will buy the HDDs for themselves. if you are in the area of a BB and can stop in to check, then do so.

Seagate FreeAgent Go 120GB External Hard Drive - $23.99 (was $120.99) (SKU: 8293982)
Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500GB External Hard Drive - $39.99 (was $199.99) (SKU: 8294008)
Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB External Hard Drive - $53.99 (was $269.99) (SKU: 8294017)

Good luck in finding them. They are out there. lots of peeps have gotten them. the BB near me almost never has the deals. have to call people back home to buy them for me. laters.

Well I found a 750 gig but it rang up at 169. Could see where they had a lot of the 500’s but they where all gone. Oh well was worth a try.

Just got back from my local Best Buy (Braintree, MA). They were the same price as listed on the best buy site (they are on sale this week).

They did have 50 packs of Maxell DVD+R for clearance at $5.99, Verbatim and TDK 100 Pk. CDR for $15.99.

see. now i gotta go back to BB tomorrow and check for the Maxell DVD+Rs. would like to get a few of those if they have any left. or if they are even on clearance over here. thanks.

wow…i will pick up a few if they are on sale :smiley:

Thanks for your advice on not calling them, makes sense. Man, $53.99 for 750GB is one HELL of a DEAL!

This is not surprising, as rumor has it that 1.5 & 2 TB hard drives (ONE drive, NOT two) are on slate for release q3 / q4 this year… so they will push the envelope on getting these new parallel drives into mass production soon (Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, etc). Entry level drives will be 750gb (whew!) by that time. It’s called the march of technology. Laptop drives will be 250gb entry level by the end of this year… once the 80, 100, 120gb models clear out. **unless your in the ultra-low cost part of the laptop market. (below $450).

Are you sure those were Maxells on sale for $5.99 and not TDKs?

The clearance sales vary a lot, I found 30-packs of TDK lighscribe DVDs for $5.99 in one BB and the same discs were on clearance for $8.99 in another BB.

No clearance HDDs in the BB I was in this morning. But that particular store wouldn’t put anything on clearance if they could help it. I get the feeling they put sale prices on advertised items only because they’re forced to from higher up, but they do it very begrudgingly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very sure it was the Maxell’s.

[QUOTE=dreamliner77;2017316]I am very sure it was the Maxell’s.[/QUOTE]

OK, just checking, because I found TDK 50-packs on clearance for $5.99 in my local store. I’ll have to go back and see if Maxells are on clearance too.

With the TDKs, I got one pack of Prodisc, one pack of CMC, and one pack of Malaysian Daxon.

There were plenty of FreeAgent external hard drives at my local BB, but all were only slightly discounted and still well over $100. The only DVDr spindles for $5.99 were the TDK ones.

I checked online and it shows that the BB store near me, have both the 500 and 750GB in stock for store pick up, are the prices of $53.99(750GB) and $39.99(500GB) good at all BB stores?

no, the prices are not good at all BB stores. each BB store has its own clearance policy and what not. you can a store clerk look up the SKU number on their computer. have them click on a link to the lower right that says check other locations. it will pull up about 10 other BB stores in the surrounding area. then you can see which one has the HDD on sale. but make sure you can see over the clerks shoulder. if they are behind the counter, oh well. not like they will tell you which of their stores has it on clearance. good luck.

[QUOTE=bnm81002;2017440]I checked online and it shows that the BB store near me, have both the 500 and 750GB in stock for store pick up, are the prices of $53.99(750GB) and $39.99(500GB) good at all BB stores?[/QUOTE]
No clearance prices are a crapshoot, at Best Buy for sure.

I went to BB tonight. There are no stores in the Dallas area as of tonite that have the drives on clearance. I asked one of the young ladys working in the computer department to look up the sku numbers. She got on to BB’s RSS. I saw that the stores previous listed in the slickdeals.net forum as to having the 750 and 500 gb drives on clearance were now the same price as all other stores in the DFW area. Better luck next time.