Possible bad flash?

I upgraded to js05 with LtnFW. It went to 100% done right away and after the light on the drive stopped flashing for a little while it was programming, it was stuck there for over an hour. While it was stuck at 100% the drive properties in RecordNow MAX showed that the firmware was js05. I eventually closed LtnFW and restarted the computer and windows redetected and installed the drive.

It seems to be burning and reading fine but I’m wondering if something could be wrong since it was stuck at 100% and I exited LtnFW. One difference I noticed that may have not been there before the flash is the drive makes two quick clicking sounds right when I turn my computer on. I’m not sure but I think the kprobe2 results that I attached look good.

no, it takes a lil longer then it looks, u just gave it a lil longer then most

after the drive was done flashing the led it should have been done and u could have closed the window :slight_smile:

@ p99
Those scans look great, particularly for the media MID.