Possible Ad/Spyware Problem

I have just run Ad-Aware on my PC just after downloading the latest version of ILOHacker V1.4 , and got the following “Critical Object”

obj[19]=IECache Entry : Cookie:owner@tripod.com/

I noticed this a few days ago after I downloaded 1.3B but I deleted it.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Yep,got him as well. Ran Yahoo anti spy and it says tracking cookies are harmless.They
use them for marketing purposes…but watching what you’re doing all the same.
Got rid of it anyway…by the way,there was also a c.d.freaks one in mine.

                                   thanks for the warning

Cookies can also be used to identify you when returning to a forum to save you having to sign in to identify yourself. Mainly they’re harmless ( unless you make a habit of visiting sites with pron pop-ups !