Possibility to insert subtitels with CloneDVD

Is it be possible to insert a new subtitel when copying a DVD and if not, could this please be taken up in a future release :bow:

With people moving about as they are in Europe you find yourself in the situation that you can buy a DVD in the country you’re living in at that moment but Holywood seems to ensure giving you the subtitels only in the local language and/or English. Especially with kids it would be great if one could copy your locally bought DVD for them and insert your own language as a subtitel at the same time :iagree:



Is there really no-one who could tell me if this is a possibility with CloneDVD? :a

It is not possible with CloneDVD. You might find useful info at one or more of these pages:




I am not a CloneDVD expert, though I use the software. I think it is not possible to insert a subtitle with CloneDVD. I have asked the same question some weeks ago and got an answer from Mr. Matrix http://rodivx.xro.us/Good luck.

Thanks very much bwisialo and alex thyl, just what I needed :bigsmile: