Possibility of Final Fantasy 9 in single DVD?

Does anyone know if its possible to put Final Fantasy 7,8,or 9 in one dvd and play it in playstation 2 ??? If its possible please reply…


Seriously, it’s a reasonable question I guess. But the answer is no, not really the way you want. Although some people have experimented with putting multiple games onto one DVD and running them with a boot loader… it’s touchy. You’d need a MOD chip anyway, and a boot loader, and… it’d just be ugly.

Maybe some of the HDLoader guys can tell you if you can do it with the hard drive somehow.

Thanks 4 ur time anyway…

No problem. This has been something of a perennial issue for people. Every once in a while someone manages to do it ONCE for a single set of games, but it’s touchy and people can’t really replicate it. I’ve seen bootloaders that CLAIM to support multiple games, but I’ve never seen a DVD with multiple games on it that worked.

You could try asking over in the PS2Ownz forums or somewhere more PS2-dedicated.

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