Possibe good deal at office depot (ricoh 01)

I was in office depot the other day and ran across some imation dvd+r’s being closed out for 15.02 per 25 pac. I used to buy these disks at office max all the time when they ran them on sale (now they are too expensive even when on sale at office max). They are imation 4x dvd+r. The barcode is 051122165511. These disks were always ricohrjpn01 at office max and the three packs I got at office depot were the same. This is not an advertised special so I do not know that other stores have them but they were in the back of the store in the clearance stuff which usally seems to mean that they were discontinuing carrying the item, so perhaps other stores have some. Also, they tend to continue to mark down the clearance stuff so maybe you can get them even cheaper. Might be worth calling if you are a fan of ricohrjpno1.
Fyi they also had some verbatium for the crappy price 45$ for 50 (I didn’t even bother to look up the media code at that price) but they had hundreds of packs of these at this store alone so maybe prices will drop much cheaper after a while if they don’t sell. I think I will give it a while and check back.