Possiable problem sata hd and 716A?



Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 sata controller 3112A
1 716A secondary master (only drive on secondary)
2 seagate 120/8 (7200.7) on primary ide
2 seagate 200/8 (7200.8) sata

716A tla 0000 fw 1.04 but has same problem with all fw
Running win 2000/xp (dual boot) off sata hard drives
causes 716A to not recognise media on first insert
plextools wont save settings

I reload win 2000/xp (dual boot) to pata ide hard drives and all is well.
Seems to be some wierdness going on here?

Now I heard the 716SA wont work on SIIG 3112A controllers
so maybe you cant run o/s from sata hard drives with these controllers?
Am I stuck with using o/s only on ide drives?
or buying a sata add-on ?


I found this over @ nforcesHQ
Someone did get the 716SA to work on an A7N8X D 2 SIIG 3112a controller even on an older bios!


i’d RMA your TLA 0000 drive to begin with…the first hardware version has known/acknowledged defects that were fixed beginning with TLA 01XX.


drpino, thanks for the response!
I will rma but wanted to wait a bit and see what affect the new fw had with this tla.
As no one here is using it, I’m just curious that way
I have till november to rma.

I think I have solved the problem anyway.
Read a post (cant recall where) and someone had drive corruption on sata on this mb.
turned out we were using a modified bios and sata controller drivers from siig.
Flashed to asus official and asus sataraid and its working at least for now.

What are the problems/bad drive parts anyway?
I saw the news but it didnt mention anything specific.
Anyone got any ideas? laser? chip? memory?
As this drive seems to write/ read well, except for a few things that have been my fault.
Everything I’ve burned has worked in other players too.
But I’ll most likely rma just to be on the safe side.


no prob…well if you RMA in a couple months, at least you’ll most likely get the latest and greatest revision of the drive :wink:

congrats on finding a solution!

no idea what the issue with the TLA 00XX drives were…not sure anyone does. burn away happily til you can get your hands on a new drive… :iagree: :smiley: